Thursday, November 29, 2012

patience and love

Today, Momba and I ran out and about to get through some errands as well as pick up some Christmas gifts for others. It was one of those days where all the sales people and cashiers we encountered were more interested in "chatting it up" rather than actually ringing up our items for sale. We found ourselves engrossed in all sorts of conversations, learning about the lives and holiday traditions of different people and their families.

At one point, my ugly side began to surface... for I had things to do, errands to finish, places to go. I didn't have time to just stand around and chat with every person I came in contact with... Come on! But then the Holy Spirit whispered in my heart, "Why don't you have the time for these people? I love people more than anything... so should you."

When I realized that I was being selfish and impatient, I took a gulp. I had to change MY attitude. For nothing is more important than loving one another... NOTHING!

So, for a few extra minutes, Momba and I were blessed to learn about the lives of a few very sweet people. How wonderful to be offered a small glimpse into the lives of others. Thank you all who we encountered... you made our day!

I wanted to share this with you for the following reason... This holiday season, things may get crazy as we all prepare to meet with friends and families on Thanksgiving and then Christmas. But let us not reserve our excitement and spirit of good cheer only for those in our personal lives. Let us share our patience and love to all we come in contact with... servers, cashiers, attendants, etc. Let's take the time necessary to care for those who clearly need to be cared for. Let's hear the words of those who desperately desire to be heard. Let's be reminded that we were not created to have all things revolve around our life...our agenda. Rather, we were created to give God glory and to love! So, let's remember that every man, woman and child on this planet was made in the image of God, and, because of that honor alone, should be given our respect.

Today, was a great reminder for me to exercise patience and extend love to others - treating them as I would wish to be treated. For only a few extra minutes of my time, I was able to share the love of Jesus this afternoon, rather than bite someone's head off for being overly friendly or a little chattier than most. That's ok... for the Holy Spirit reminded me that there is no errand on my to do list that should win over my attention to simply love a fellow human being. People should always be my first priority!

Today (and every day), let's remember to look at others through the lense of Heaven. LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS CHRIST HAS LOVED YOU! Thank you, Lord, for the reminder!

Also, thank you to those who kindly shared their stories with Momba and I today. "God Bless Us... Everyone!"




  1. Oh so true Vicky, I tend to me "in my on world" while shopping. My mind is focusing on what to buy and how much I can spend. I miss out on so many smiles and glimpses into the lives of others that could brighten my day. I have a close friend who is very ill,yet when she is able to go shopping or to a resturant she sees every person as a special individual. I hope to train myself to see people in the light that my friend does, because that is the way Jesus sees us! Leslie

  2. Thank you. I love you, and I appreciate what you do for us. Have a wonderful THANKS Giving holiday.

  3. Thank you Victoria for your wonderful insight and for reminding us of what is truly important not just during busy holidays but every day of our lives. Its all in Gods word, but sometimes when we read it we don't really know how to apply it to our everyday lives. God is so good. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugggssss. Betty

  4. Thank You my Heavenly Father, who is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, for being and understanding,patience and LOVING Father. Thank you for reminding us that you loved us first. Holy Blessed Father thank you for the greatest spiritual gift of LOVE. 1 Corinithians 13:13, I humbly come to Holy Father with praises and worship with singing and dancing. With my hands held up high to glorify you. HALLELUJAH ABBA FATHER!

  5. I too, started my Christmas shopping today- as i headed to the car, i prayed for patience and for the grace to treat everyone i encountered the way Jesus would. Praise God- i do believe he answered that prayer. Now, i am NOT a busy, overcommited woman, but that doesnt mean i COULD have been impatient anyways. Thank you Jesus, for your grace!