Friday, April 15, 2011

be better with Jesus

Dear Reader,

Contrary to the popular opinion of those who wish to bomb me with hurtful words and threats... for the record, I am not your personal punching bag. Nor do I hold any authority to change God's Word in order to accommodate anyone's comfort and/or sinful desire... not even my own. No, I am alive for one main purpose - to glorify Jesus' Name! I am here to love my King with the very life He has given me. His Word teaches me to love others (including you), and I am resolved to do so until my very last breath has concluded.

So you... you who express a desire to hurt me... you who attack, threaten, bully, and attempt to silence my voice with hateful, mean rattlings... please know that although I do not enjoy your scorn against my faith in the Savior, Jesus Christ, I will never stop sharing His message. I will always sing His praise. Always!

As I continue to absorb your punches with prayer, deep down I know that your anger is not really directed toward me personally, but rather toward God. For you really don't know too much about the depths of my life, opinions, feelings, heart, etc. Nor do I know these things about you. You have only heard me echo His scriptural truth. My identity and stance has always been about establishing His image, for God is my foundation! So much so, that I have surrendered my life to His service. And now, through this journey, our paths have somehow crossed. Why? I do not know... but God does.

Mind you, I have not deliberately singled you out. I have not sought to make trouble in your life by sharing His Way. Rather the very opposite. I love you. I love you because Jesus first loved me. I love you because God calls me to love you. I love you because I am no better or worse on my own as an individual... for scripture tells us, in God's eyes we all fall short. We are all incomplete, lost, hopeless. But with the aid of Jesus, I know that hope is indeed available. I have found eternal treasure... everlasting life and holiness in His Name! By His authority and grace, I have received His free gift of redemption and have been saved from sin and death! I have real purpose in His plan! As such, my prayer is that you too will come to intimately know this same relief and receive His new life. I pray that you will stop denying your Maker and instead receive His beautiful, everlasting future.

So today, as I continue to read through your many, many harassing messages filled with animosity, I will still rejoice in my Savior's security and love. I do not fear you. I forgive you. For despite your hurtful words and abusive behavior, I know God is always in control of my eternal future. And I believe He has sovereignly brought you to DW to hear His good news and be challenged to walk His new Way. Clearly, He has gotten your attention or you would not still be reading. So now, how will you proceed? Will you continue in your own hate or will you receive His gracious love and new life?

I'm praying that you will choose to follow His love! For His love is just better! I encourage you, dear reader... be better with Jesus! He's worth it!

Always in Christ's service,


Blog Posting Written By Victoria Anderson


  1. Disebo MakhetlaFriday, April 15, 2011

    Wow!Ia m so sorry to hear the bad and sad news of your attack Vic,I however like your spirit.Theres a saying that we cant be friends of God and be friends of the world at the same time.When we love god, the world hates us.I am praying for you to get over this hurtful time and like you already said that you forgave them, forget them as well.I am really blessed By DW and am sharing so much of your teachings with lots of girls in my life and it is really changing hearts for God.May God, be with you in this journey as you make His name Glorious!
    Lots of love and prayers.

  2. Beautifully written!!

  3. Thanks all. I was a teenage child of abuse and can spot it a zillion miles away. As a result of many emails, comments, etc. on the backend of DW, I felt it was important to respond and inform every offender up front in a blanket reply that God did not create me (or anyone else) to be a victim or slave to any form of sinfulness or bullying. However, I am called to love those who choose to bully and sin and will turn my cheek in prayer as many times as needed whilst enduring their scorn so that I am faithful to glorifying my King's throne. As hardened hearts wish for me to stop singing Jesus' Name, and as the enemy does his best to close my lips... I do know where my house is built - on solid rock! I know who my Redeemer is! The zings may fly, the threats may come, the hurt may sting... but my voice will praise Jesus Name forevermore!!!

  4. Vic, standing firm with you, my friend! Continuing to pray protections around you and your heart, that God will give you strength and the ability to get through whatever evil men/women may throw at you. I love you! I am here to help and encourage, and I KNOW that God is blessing others through your ministry. Glory to God!

  5. Vic, You are and always have been a woman of class and dignity. Your love for the Lord is amazing and your faith great. As Kimmie said, "God is blessing others through your ministry". He is also speaking to those who may never have otherwise heard the good news of our Lord and Savior. Those that are attacking you ARE being ministered to & will one day (prayerfully) call Him LORD!! I love you. I always have loved you and will continue to love you. Do NOT let the enemy get you down. In the end WE WIN!! Thank you for allowing God to use you as his voice to thousands. Just in case you didn't read it earlier (or in case you need to hear it again)...I LOVE YOU!! {{{hugs}}}

  6. We praise you, Father because you are OUR Rock & Strong Tower. We thank you for each seed of truth that are being brought forth & pray for the Holy Spirit to continue speak truth in each person's life. We ask that you give those who are filled with anger a triple dose of your LOVE & that they may be able to receive it. We surrender our lives to you.
    Father, God would you BLESS those who come against your servants. Would you continue to seek them until they know you personally, intimately, purposely. Forgive them like you've forgiven us :)
    Holy Spirit intercede for every attacker. Lord allow their heart not to harden...extend your mercy & grace.
    Father, We now thank you for each individual. Only you can do, we step aside & lay this at your feet. Thank you. Wahoooooooo!! Hoot! Hoot!

    In the name of Jesus we pray...amene