Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A few weeks ago around midnight, Chuck was walking our dogs for one last "hurrah" before going to bed. While standing in the front yard waiting on our beagle to finish his business (the slowpoke), a happy-go-lucky little dog appeared out of nowhere and started socializing with our canine family. He was a fluffy little guy who was clearly lost due to his lack of leash or master to guide him. The minute our dogs saw this cutie pie, they started to wag their tails and welcome him into the yard. Since this new dog seemed friendly, Chuck allowed the dogs to engage and get to know one another. While this was going on, my kind husband bent down and read the shiny tag on the dog's collar. His name was Meatball, and he lived only a few blocks away from our home. Chuck scratched behind the ear of his new four legged friend and said, "OK, Meatball, I'll get you home."

From there, Chuck came into the house and told me the story and how Meatball would be visiting with us for a while. Even though it was late, I decided to call Meatball's family. (I knew if it was my dog, I'd be freaking out trying to find him, so it was likely that Meatball's parents were no different.) After the first ring, a man picked up. "Hello?"

"Hi, I know it's late, and you don't know me, but...." I proceeded to tell this man how Meatball found his way into our yard while Chuck continued to entertain the animals. To say the least, this man was grateful and relieved. You see, nearby our subdivision is a busy street. Meatball could have easily been harmed (or worse), and this man had spent his whole night calling out to Meatball hoping he'd come home. He had just about given up when we phoned. He immediately rushed over to pick up his baby, shook Chuck's hand, and all was well in the world of Meatball again. Yeah!

So, yesterday morning (weeks later), you can image my shock to see Meatball sitting in our front lawn!!! It was as if he knew which house was ours because he was clearly lingering in our yard waiting for Chuck to rescue him once more. When we realized he was out there, we both dashed to get a leash and bring him in. "Meatball, what are you doing here again?"

Like before, Chuck entertained the dogs while I phoned Meatball's parents. We all got a good laugh that this silly dog was intelligent enough to make it back to our house on his own. This time, "mamma" came and got Meatball and we shared ideas to better contain him. Turns out, Meatball is an older dog. Before now, he never tried to get out or run away. However, recently he has started to become curious and investigate outside his yard. Somehow, he has managed to break free from his leash and turn into a little "Houdini". Meatball's mamma promised that she would correct the problem, shook Chuck's hand, and all was well in the world of Meatball... AGAIN.

I was thinking about Meatball this morning... about how I could relate to his predicament. Frequently, my sinful curiosity gets the better of me and I break free from what I know to be good and holy and instead follow after the false attractiveness of the world. It's not long before I realize I've gotten myself lost and in trouble. But I've learned from past mistakes that the safest thing for me to do is stop and sit myself down in the yard of my Savior and look to Him to rescue me. For He knows that my Father in Heaven has been desperately calling for me to come home. And only He has the means to get me there safely. If I just relax and linger in His presence... if I trust that He loves me and wants what is best for me... if I wait for His timing, provision and plan - then I know all will ultimately be well again. I trust Him no matter what.

Have you stumbled into trouble? Have you found yourself lost in a situation that you cannot correct? Might I suggest you stop running around without a Master? Choose to sit yourself down in God's Word and linger in the safety of the Savior. Trust me when I tell you that He is a faithful friend... a Lover of your soul... a Comforter and Guide for your life. He will protect you from harm while inviting you to dwell with Him - to abide in His love. He promises to lead you back into the loving arms of the Almighty Father. So, stop living like a meatball and start living as a blessed child of the King of Kings. Stop running from the One who loves you and instead choose to trust Jesus. It is well. He will safely lead you home.

In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling. (Exodus 15:13)

Blog Posting Written By Victoria Anderson

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