Tuesday, June 15, 2010

feed me, Father

I love this time of year. Throughout the hustle and bustle of my petty agenda, I am grateful to see that God is always in control and overseeing life - all life.

In the last few days, He has blessed me by exhibiting His care for the baby robins outside my home and office.

At home, there was a baby fledgling that we stumbled across (not literally) this past Saturday. Not being a person who knows a great deal about birds, I initially thought the bird was in trouble... that it fell out of a nest and was in need of care and protection. He was sitting quietly in our lawn about a foot away from the street. When I approached him, he opened his mouth for food. Awe, poor thing. So, of course, I ran to my garage and got an old rag and a container to scoop him up into.

When I returned to Robbie (yea, I named him - so what!? ha ha.)... anyway, when I returned to Robbie and started to transport him into the container, things got crazy. Suddenly, there were other birds hovering over me and screaming at the top of their lungs. It seems, Robbie was not alone after all. However, I still didn't feel good about leaving him exposed for a predator to find. So, I called our local forest preserve animal specialist for help.

Turns out, Robbie was doing exactly what he should be doing. Young fledgelings who are soon ready to fly fall out of their nests and live on the ground for several days. There, their parents continue to feed them and teach them how to nest in neighboring bushes, etc. They continue to hop around and learn the art of flying while under the supervision and care of their parents. Who knew?

The forest preserve lady told me that it would be best to move Robbie away from the road - nearer to the secluded row of bushes stationed around our house. This would protect him better. That said, I was worried because I had "handled" Robbie. Would his parents still feed and care for him? Thankfully, yes. Turns out, his parents (who were still screaming at me) were VERY interested in the well being of their little chick.

After conducting a visual assessment of Robbie's health (guided by the specialist over the phone), we determined that he was indeed healthy and able to hop and possibly fly soon on his own. So, with great apprehension, I put Robbie down under the bushes. I continued to watch him from a distance to see what his parents would do. Almost immediately his mother and father were hovering around him and supervising his actions. Robbie would be cared for as he continued to learn how to fly. Robbie would be o.k. Phew!

Later that day, I noticed that Robbie was no longer visible near our bushes. However, his parents were flying around a different area of our yard with worms in their beaks. I can only assume that little Robbie flew a short distance to that location and now they were caring for him there. Go Robbie! God's speed, my little friend!

Yesterday, I was working at my office. Note: My office is located on ground level and has a large window with trees outside. I've noticed that in the first tree outside my window, there is a robin's nest with three baby birds - much younger than Robbie. Each day, I have enjoyed seeing Mamma and Pappa come and go - feeding their little chicks.

But yesterday, it was raining pretty hard. Concerned, I walked over to the window to check on the status of the Robin Family. All that was visible in the nest was Mamma Robin towering over her chicks with her wings expanded out like an umbrella - sheltering them from the rain and keeping them warm under her body. Then, Pappa would show up with food and swap positions with Mamma. They took turns coming and going all day - all the while feeding and protecting their young while the heavy weather came down. Any time I caught a glimpse of the babies, their mouths were wide open. Hungry, vulnerable, and completely dependent on the care and protection of their parents.

I realized that one day these sweet little baby birds would also become older fledglings and leave their nest. Just like Robbie, their parents would continue to take care of them as they learn how to fly. And so it goes... life continues. And our loving, good God oversees every small detail.

Ladies, there are so many lessons we can learn about God's love and protection just by noticing His glorious creation. His wings are always a shelter to us - even in the worst of storms. His guidance is always available to us - even when we are struggling with a new challenge or trial. We are never alone. His presence is always with us - even when we are most vulnerable. His protection and provision remain consistent and steady. We have no need because we are children of His kingdom. His love is never ending and He is using everything... EVERYTHING... to teach us how to soar. If we remain willing, with our mouths open to receive His constant nourishment, we will grow. If we believe His promises and trust Him in all circumstances, we will be protected and flourish. If we follow His commands and learn from His example, we too will learn how to fly.

Rest assured that our gracious Father, whose eye is on the smallest of sparrows, loves you and is definitely watching over your life.

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. (Luke 12:6-7)

Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds! (Luke 12:24)

Thank you, Lord, for the robins. Thank you for keeping my eyes open to see Your love in all creation. Feed me, Father. My heart is open! Protect me from the storms of this earth. Teach me how to flourish and fly in Your holy will. My life is Yours to develop and use. Use all that I am to showcase all that You are - my eternal refuge and strength!

I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings. Selah (Psalm 61:4)

Blog Posting Written By Victoria Anderson

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  1. Thank you Victoria, for sharing this special message with us...through all of life's trials He is the one constant friend. We are so very blessed to know Him. PTL :)