Monday, December 21, 2009

"ho-cho" and the art of being nice

Yesterday afternoon, I had a massage scheduled with Nadia... the best masseuse in the entire universe. (It's really true!)

I have been going to Nadia as long as I can remember and have always been blessed by her gift to lesson the knots in my neck and make my aching back stop aching! She is a gorgeous person inside and out and talented beyond measure!

Anyway, during the course of the massage and our "catching-up", Nadia and I began talking about Christmas, staying warm, and ultimately... hot chocolate (ho-cho). You see, I love hot, HOT chocolate. I was explaining that my all-time favorite "ho-cho" was the kind made from REAL chocolate and seasoned with a little chili pepper. (Really, I highly recommend it!) From there we started to evaluate who currently made the best "ho-cho" in town.

After my massage was over, I was scheduled to get a mani/pedicure in the attached salon. (Come on, I want to be somewhat presentable over the holidays to my extended family and friends... you know, for pictures, etc.) While sitting in a big, comfy chair as the technicians worked on my nails, in walked Nadia who had run out to her favorite "ho-cho" vendor and picked up a cup for me to enjoy!!! Really, how sweet is she, people? SWEET!!!

This brings me to the purpose of my post. How hard is it for all of us to just be nice to each other? To love one another? To go out of our way and treat people well? Nadia's cup of "ho-cho" was a gift that I can pay forward to another by spreading the love I have in Jesus, and all that He continues to bless me with. This world needs that kind of thoughtfulness. And, it is how we are called to live in Christ!

So, today I challenge you to go buy a cup of "ho-cho" for someone. Or go hug someone. Or go tell someone what you appreciate about them. Let's follow Nadia's kind and loving example and just be nice to each other... because we can!... because it is the right thing to do!

Yes, Christmas is a great time to get started, but I say let's continue the good will toward men even after the holidays are over. Let's always practice the art of being nice... ALWAYS!

Thanks, Nadia, for always being a blessing to me! I love you, sweetie! Merry Christmas to you and yours! You are wonderful!



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