Friday, October 30, 2009

to all the singles out there...

Dear single, never lower your standards for love
Look not for substitutes or foolish exceptions
Learning to be without a spouse in your life
Is far wiser than settling with deception
For each servant will always have a Master
To dictate his course of direction
Don't settle or desperately embrace second best
Trust God with your hopes and affection
Each moment in knowledge that you are with the wrong individual
Is a moment you are spiritually ineffective
Satan would love to keep you on his emotional coaster
So your spirit is defeated. So your time's misdirected
Please consider your "wish list" with the Holy Spirit's leading
And let not the enemy discourage you with grief
By waiting on the Lord to bring you to your soul mate
You can relax in your faith and belief
For the Father will direct your path to the right one
His timing is the only schedule to be followed
So worry not, and remember you are never alone
Our God is in control of your tomorrow

© The Devoted Woman | Victoria Anderson


  1. thank you for posting this. I recently got out of a relationship and I wasn't sure what to do! I wasn't used to being single and my emotions were all over the place. I prayed to the Lord, but in the midst of my troubles I became weary and I gave up. I began talking to guys that had no respect for me and I allowed the Devil to defeat me and bring me farther into sin. I am thankful that the Lord delivered me from that situation even though I reluctantly allowed him too. I understand now that it is more important to be with the person that God has for you. I now understand that when you are hurt and depressed you must pray to the Lord and use his word to motivate you. He is the only one who can save you from the plans of the enemy. Satan is the master of deceit! He is the master of confusion. I would have never talked to those guys if my head was on straight. I never would have allowed myself to be used if I had of perservered instead of giving up. God is a merciful God and he forgave me in spite of my disobedience to him. Being single is not such a bad thing. It gives you a chance to grow and understand more about yourself. God can reveal more to you when you are alone. He has a plan that is so great for you. If he removed someone from your life it is for a very good reason. Pray to him and ask him to reveal to you why. Once he reveals the truth to you, follow it. Follow his truth. It is the only truth!! I lowered my standards and forgot about who I truly was. I started acting like someone completely different. I didn't even know who I was!! It was then that I realized I was far away from God and I needed him to get me out of that situation. Praise God!

  2. Thank you for sharing D'Andrea!! I went through the same experience; I felt like you were reading my diary!! Just you sharing has been a blessing for me. I have been beating myself up for months for falling, and I have been feeling so alone. The enemy is busy!! God bless you! Stand strong!!!!

  3. Thank you D'Andrea for your testimony and to you Victoria for the poem! This is so true for me! I am so glad God has used your blog and all of the fellow DWs to uplift and encourage not only me, but all who come to the site for the fellowship of other believers! May God continue to bless and use you all to bring others closer to Him!

  4. Thank you, this has daily subject matter for me for some time. Moreso, after getting involved with the wrong person. I am now again in the waiting on the Lord stance, for His choice. Widowed x 10 years this Dec. and would like to remarry.
    Thanks for this post. My girlfriend has reminded me of the very same things frequently.
    I appreciate your time, patience and diligence to keep this site and these posts available. They are encouragement and I look forward to them daily.

  5. a word fittly spoken...thank you for this timely word. a womans tender heart longs for the warmth of love, and shouldn't just settle.
    It is truely a decisive desision to wait with patience what our heavenly father has for us. seems days can turn into months, than into years.But the fufillment of the desires of our hearts is worth waitng for. His best.
    .....these hit home for me, thank you and it bears to be repeated............
    "understand that when you are hurt and depressed you must pray to the Lord and use his word to motivate you. He is the only one who can save you from the plans of the enemy." "Satan would love to keep you on this emotional coaster So your spirit is defeated. So your time's misdirected ""He is the master of confusion." so let us stand in peace.

    I daily give my heart to the LORD, continually putting the longing in my heart to have love and be loved, into the hands of the one who first loved me. my time is valuable and i know I don't want it misdirected, wasted on foolish expectations and fruitless emotions.There are blessings in the patience while in the waiting, let's keep our hearts open for these.

  6. Thank you so much for this blog. Waiting on god sometimes feels impossible to do, but what he has in store for me and others is far better than the world can offer. Once again, when strength is need God speak through one of his to reach his children. Thanks a bunch.