Sunday, July 12, 2009

tickled pink

I'm so excited! In fact, I'm tickled PINK!

But wait. Let me start at the beginning...

My desire for several years now has been to streamline and simplify my life. To reach this goal, I have gone through and evaluated everything I own. I have asked myself questions, such as:

Do I really need or even want this item? Does keeping this item clutter my life or enrich it? How do I want to fill my space? When I look at my space and the items in it, am I weighed down in my spirit or uplifted? Do I want to expend the energy necessary to maintain this item or is my energy better spent in some other way? Is this item contributing to my life or has it served its purpose? Does keeping this item reveal some unresolved issue in my life that needs attention?

After many months of soul-searching, I have waded through all my clothes, shoes, purses, books, music, knick-knacks, memorabilia, files, correspondence... you name it. I've scrutinized and evaluated where each item fits in my life. As a result, untold garbage bags of STUFF have gone to benefit the local crisis pregnancy thrift shop. Special apparel that hasn't graced my body in years has been sold at a consignment shop. Some antiques and furniture have been auctioned online. Many valued items were happily received and now live with family and friends.

Of particular fun was the burning of a six foot tall tower of papers (I kid you not!). Talk about satisfaction! Now, my space is more sparsely filled... BUT...what I see has been deliberately chosen for its location. (A place for everything - and everything in its place.) Not only does each item enrich, renew, and uplift my view - - it may even cause me to giggle.

Each morning I am energized and refreshed by my environment and ready to face a new day. My quest has caused me to become aware of being aware... aware of being deliberate in my choices. I realize this will be a continuous exercise. Each new day any number of things or issues could try to force entry into my haven to undermine the work that has been done. I'll keep my eyes open to "catch the little foxes" that want to "ruin (my) vineyard." (Song of Solomon 2:15 ) But, at least, this will be a much more managable task, especially with my new coda regarding mail: "Handle it once."

A scheduled daily block of time allows me to open each envelope and immediately address what needs to be done - pay the bill, write the note, make the appointment. No more subtle accumulations to be attended to at some vague future date that eventually grow into mountains of discouragement and denial. I want to "throw off everything that hinders" (Heb. 12:1) so I can focus my energies on what the Lord has in mind for my day. Which brings me back to my first statement, "I'm tickled PINK!"

Several months ago, my faithful computer gave up the ghost. After a very touching memorial service and time of mourning the loss of my beloved electronic friend, I began to save my pennies and research what new model would best meet my needs. It was during this search that I happened upon the most beautiful and unbelievable work of art ever to grace the computer marketplace. I couldn't stop giggling while looking at it, and I knew this was the computer for me. It was love! Truthfully, it really had nothing to do with the technical aspects of the unit. (I knew it was a very good brand.) What caught my eye and drew me in was the PINK crocodile skin on the notebook cover, the pearlized PINK surrounding the pale PINK keyboard and screen, and the PINK jeweled clickers on the PINK touchpad. (Have I said PINK enough?)

Thanks to my daughter, a complimentary PINK butterfly/heart screensaver was added onto this perfectly PINK PC's desktop, and needless to say, I was hooked. To some (ok, to all), this may seem wildly outrageous and very "teenaged girly, girl" for a woman of my age, but it brightens my day and brings joy to my life... and that is the point of this blog. (And to see how many times I can say the word PINK in one article! PINK.)

The Lord wants us to "think on whatever is lovely" (Phil. 4:8), and by extension, I believe He wants us to remove all that would bring us down. When we do, He can bless us and fill our lives with all that is "true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy." (Phil. 4:8) And so, as I type to you now on this masterpiece of PINK, that is exactly what the Lord has done for me in a most unexpected, glorious, and humorous way! (Too bad my favorite color is really BLUE....just

Thank you, Lord, for your blessings and sense of humor!! Thank you for always providing!! And most of all, thank you, Lord, for all things PINK!

Written by Beverly (Momba) Drong
(Victoria's Mother)

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  1. That was just too funny - so funny that I'm also tickled PINK! Such great principles in there though, I sure could use application of those principles amongst my own stuff...lots of great thoughts today for me to think about - thank you! :)