Tuesday, May 12, 2009

love is patient

A few weeks ago, I was visiting with some gals from my Bible Study group. We were gathered around a dining room table, enjoying one another’s company while savoring the scrumptious blueberry muffins that our host, Chris, kindly prepared in advance. (Chris wisely knew that a room full of happy, hungry women can lead to much conversation.)

While there, I was asked a particular question about The Devoted Woman website from my friend Marilyn. I proceeded to answer her and tell her all the wonderful things that the Lord had accomplished to date. When I finished, Marilyn began to return the conversation with her own suggestion for DW’s website. Before I knew it, I was interrupting her with a response, finishing her sentences, etc. Marilyn graciously allowed me to finish and then tried to interject with her suggestion only to be shot down a second time by my crazy enthusiasm. She patiently let me finish… again…and then continued to share her suggestion. By the grace of God, the third time I was about to drop an “interruption bomb” on poor Marilyn, the Holy Spirit whispered to me. “Victoria, stop and listen. What Marilyn has to say is valuable. Be still. Be patient. You have enough time to talk about everything you need to talk about.” Then it dawned on me. In my enthusiasm, I had become a rambling idiot unable to hear anyone! With that, I breathed in my dangling thoughts and listened to Marilyn’s precious words which proved to be most valuable.When Marilyn finished, I realized how patient she was with me through the course of the conversation, and how impatient I was toward her. I told her immediately what the Holy Spirit had taught me, and she laughed, commenting that I would probably write about the experience in a future blog. (Smile.)

In the end, the experience really taught me a valuable lesson. It pointed out that I was not trusting God to provide the correct amount of time to address what needed to be addressed. Also, it was a neon light with fireworks - showing off my own selfish desire to be heard over anyone else. (Don’t you hate it when you realize just how selfish you are?!!?) Lastly, it was quite clear – I needed to pray to God to help me be more patient. Without patience, I would not be honoring and loving others as Jesus loves us.

Since the incident occurred, I have confessed my sin to my Redeemer for His forgiveness (as well as Marilyn), and I have tried to keep my untamable enthusiasm in check when talking about The Devoted Woman to others. But come on!…You’ve got to admit… it is a real blessing that God has organized such a wonderful network of women committed to one another in prayer and encouragement!!! Praise Him!!! (Smile again.)



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